The Photos On My Wall

It's the smiling on the package It's the faces in the sand It's the thought that moves you upwards Embracing me with two hands

Wednesday, November 18



he broke up with me, well just ended whatever we had

i call him my ex, but i dont think it really can be in that catigory

my veganism is nothing to do with the above

more to do with my weight obsession

i want to be thin as the olsens

mary kate yupp

im a lot happier i think, i dont feel the need to be with anyone

which is all girls my age seeme to think about these days.

im listening to interpol, its reminding me of the old days. well a mere few months ago

ive slept with three people, i feel like thats a bad amount.

i dont like to think of it.

but my younger friends are a lot worse

me and mum are okay

me and my sisters are alright

i hate my best friend

i love my other friends

hi ho

Monday, September 21


im a sneaky little bitch.

i have no respect for any person other then myself

i look like a fucking lesser

to quote my mother after i came home with a partially shaven head

i enjoy the fucking thing greatly, i HATE being boring
with the short pixie cut its basically thattt

now i feel betterrrr

im glad i did it.

now i have to sit in my room all night every night as my mother can not look at me
and my sister is disgusted by my face

i want to move away
so far awayyy

but its an impossible wish

Friday, September 11


I have neglected you so much my blog,

i guess its here when i need it.


I read the diary of a 17 year old boy on platform
and felt the need to be like him

express my thoughts and feelings to an audience
but in my case the audience is just me

So im alot better than i was a few months ago
its all down to him
he is new, older, better then most ive met
and im hypnotized by his hair

hes far away though, quite the distance
and i said to myself i wouldnt get to attached
but i think im a liar

Saturday, June 13

over it

i have braces now

just what i need

insecure girl to be made more insecure by these large unattractive pieces of metal on my teeth

have to make up for it in style and grace

really dont think ill ever get a boyfriend with this

but this should not be my main concern in life

i guess im shallow like that

my friends are all dissapearing soon, travelling uni and such

ill be left behind for a year

but they will be jelouswhen i get to be wallowing about a student and they have to get jobs

to do list:

1. become renowned for my sense of style
2. perfect my hair
3. get thin
4. get tanned
5. get a boy to lust after me

i miss my old self

stability will come soon i hope

Wednesday, May 20


theres photographic evidence of the last thing i want to see

fuck him

literally hate myself right now

not seen the massive dick in ages

not rating seeing him aat all

fuck fuck fuck fuck this

Tuesday, May 19

the cold

my hands can barely move

typing it much easier then writing though

this it the reasoning for not completing a maths paper even though i have an exam tomorrow

my bulimia is progressing at an alarming rate

sometimes i physically feel everything i eat must be vommed back up

barrrrrrr sugar puffs

i love god damn sugar puffs

i would love to live of a bowl of sugar puffs alone


im currently downloading the entire jigga back catalogue.
love him love him

i decided to become a whore. it works for the rest of my friends. being whorey and skanky. i need sex. i miss sex. it shouldnt be this hard for the young.

current obsession with platting my hair

it looks like a nest of dreams to be fairrrr,,

all boys must be gay

thinner then i have been in a while llikeee

gonna vom some more

hi ho.

Friday, May 15

howls moving castle

watched it to cheer me up to be fair it didnt work

with the epic depressing rain and freezing temperatures

im not aloud to put the heating on as its may

logical in these recesive times

staying in and wallowing

sarah silverman and my sister ffor company

could be worse.

rilo kiley speaks the truth . god bless jenny

i want it to be like last year again, i was much happier then

hi ho